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Getting Started

First Visit

The first visit consists of a specific health history, brief physical exam and an adjustment.  The first visit is $150 and this payment will go towards any care plan purchased.

When Dr. Green arrives for the first visit she will look at the space available at your location to determine the best area/room to set up her table.

If you have not already done so, you will fill out the new patient application for care. Dr. Green will review your paperwork, confirm whether there is need for x-rays, and perform a history and physical exam.  As long as there are no contraindications, Dr. Green will perform the adjustment.  Dr. Green will recommend a time for a second visit based on your specific history.

New Patient Care Forms

Parking Needs

Dr. Green drives a normal small SUV. She brings a folding table with her in the SUV. A dolly is used to move the table to/from the SUV at your location. Please advise the closest parking area that will accommodate the SUV and use of the dolly. If stairs are involved accessing your location, please advise of this in advance.

Room Space Requirements at Your Location

Dr. Green will require an area of at least 6x8 feet to set up the table.


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